Roadmap to Church Security

Setting up a security ministry is a daunting task.  Learn the most effective steps to launching a successful security ministry in this information packed presentation. 

Great Take Home Value!

  • Establish the Need and Gain Support
  • Select Team Leaders & Members
  • Identifying Foreseeable Threats and Remedies
  • Cost & Equipment
  • Training & Communications
  • Operations and Tactics
  • Policy Decisions

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"Safe Travels"

"Safe Travels" is a great, energy driven, humorous presentation for associations, companies and organizations concerned about travel safety. 

Every conference has keynote speakers and breakouts, with the objective of transferring knowledge and giving participants good take home value.  Presentations should be more than just entertainment. 

We invest in presentations that will broaden our business acumen or make our team better.

Today, there is great concern regarding security.  What steps are YOU taking to make your world safer?  What are YOU doing to make the work environment safer? 

"Safe Travels" will give your people tools to operate in a world that continues to be awash in crime, shootings and thefts?  We are in fear for our families, friends and co-workers.   

We will cover: 

  • General Personal Security Precautions
  • Air Travel
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel Security
  • Public Spaces
  • Industrial Espionage & Trade Events
  • Foreign Travel
  • Civil Unrest 

Jack has traveled extensively in all 50 states and in over 20 countries. 

He is a seasoned "Road Warrior". 

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"Securing Your World"

 After recent shootings and crime reports on TV, many are walking around, fearful of what may come their way.  They think there is nothing they can do to protect themselves or their families.  

You CAN do something!

There are many simple, easy and low cost things we all can do to "Secure Our World" 

This presentation will teach you to make small changes and improve your personal security 100% starting today!  

You will learn to identify and respond to various threats you are likely to face. 

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