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3 Benefits of a Church Security Ministry

A security ministry will pay for itself in most cases. One of the biggest concerns for Pastors are the costs involved in a security ministry.  Most churches will gain financial benefits with a security ministry.  Insurance companies will likely reduce your premiumswith a well-planned ministry. Attendance and participation will increaseas parishioners feel more comfortable knowing their families are safer.  As attendance increases so will giving.  Risk avoidance and reduced liabilities also reduce overall costs.  

Security can be set up to provide good optics and meet your needs.  Optics are very important to Pastors.  Churches are to be open and inviting places.  What will it look like if we have guards, uniforms, secure entrances and other precautions.  Most people will feel better and safer with a security team.  Security measures are omnipresent today and are expected.  A low profile can be achieved while maintaining effectiveness.  

Ministry opportunities are great with the right approach.  We cloak our ministry in prayer. We reach out to many people during a typical service. We pray for our Pastors, our team, parishioners and POI’s alike!  We are ambassadors of the church, greeting people with smiles and helpful attitudes.  Our goal is to de-escalate situations and win people to the Lord! 

There is a lot involved in properly setting up your security ministry.  It involves much more than just having a couple of guys with CCW permits or in conducting active shooter training.  

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The book guides you step by step through establishing the need, gaining support, selecting leadership, assessing your current threat profile, physically securing your property, identifying and mitigating foreseeable threats and more.  “Watch My Sheep” is a great resource for any church! 

Top 3 Concerns about Church Security

Optics – Guns – Cost

1. Optics – What is this going to look like to our parishioners.  We want to be open and welcoming – not look like a police force. Properly set up, a security team ministry is an extension of your outreach to the community. We welcome people with smiles and friendly direction.  We are ambassadors for the church and for Christ! 

2. Guns – Pro-gun or Anti-Gun, we don’t want the optics of having a bunch of guys wearing guns strolling around.  You may choose to have armed people at your church but they must be properly training including shoot / don’t shoot decision making.  Training needs to be much more than CCW permit requirement. Liabilities may increase and along with that your costs.  Your decision should consider your threat profile and circumstances of your location and community profile. 

3. Cost – Churches always struggle with funding and the cost of running the operation.  With church security, it should be a self-funding ministry.  Cost savings may be had with reduced insurance costs. Increased giving may happen with increased attendance and participation due to a more secure environment.  The cost of inaction, the increased liability of not acting on foreseeable situations could cost you everything. Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Why do we need security at Churches?

Church security is a tough proposition.  Why do we need protection at the Lords house?  We certainly rely on the Lord for our eternal security and protection but we are expected to do our part too, as in other aspects of living the Christian life. 

There are many benefits for churches who install a church security ministry.  There are cost benefits to most churches.  Your mandate is found in John 21:16, Jesus commands us to “Watch My Sheep”. The book of Nehemiah is filled with examples of church security at work in the Lords kingdom!  

Reduced church insurance premiums may be achieved.  Increased attendance and givingmay happen because your guests feel better knowing their families protected.  

Pastors are concerned about optics, cost and what the actual need is.  Costs are minimal and inaction can cost you everything!  Optics depend on how you set up your ministry. 

Prayer and ministry are critical to an effective team.  Police are not necessarily dialed into the subtle requirements for church security. A hired guard can only be in one place and are expensive. They may not give the best optics for a church.  

Many still think it can’t happen hereeven though violence is brought to urban, suburban and rural locations at large, medium and small churches.  You are at risk!  

What is your specific threat profile?  Many think “Active Shooter” training addresses the need.  Active shooter represents a threat potential of about 3%. It’s a lot more than that! 

Most churches experience security related issues on a weekly basis.  Lost children, emotionally distraught people, mentally challenge people, domestic issues, weather related issues, medical issues, disruptors and the looming threat of greater violence. 

A team devoted to addressing these issues will make your facility more secure and protect your flock against foreseeable situations with appropriate responses. 

Please take time to investigate what it takes to set up a church security ministry and attend a local seminar with practical, tactical, actionable information on how to set up and run a security ministry at your church.  

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